NEPA Categorical Exclusions

On 8 October 2009 the Department of Energy issued a policy statement that was posted in the Federal Register at 74 FR 52129. The policy statement regards the on-line posting of certain categorical exclusions prepared pursuant to DOE's National Environmental Policy Act Implementing Regulations (10 CFR 1021). A link to the FR notice is provided below. Effective as of 2 November 2009 DOE will post its NEPA Appendix B to subpart D Categorical Exclusions in accordance with the policy statement

Federal Register 74 FR 52129

Part 1021 NEPA Implementing Procedures

Portsmouth/Paducah NEPA Appendix B Categorical Exclusions

Paducah NEPA Appendix B Categorical Exclusions

Portsmouth NEPA Appendix B Categorical Exclusions




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